I have tried to contact Dr. Alex Parker, writing on his own page the following message:

Dear Alex Parker,
as I read, Alan Stern writes ("Exploring Pluto and a Billion Miles Beyond; Posted on by ptalbert") New Horizons should be put in hibernation soon ("In March, once all the KBO data collected in January is back on Earth, we’ll put New Horizons in hibernation for the first time since 2014. That will last until September, when we’ll begin several more months of KBO observations using LORRI.") It would be very unlucky decision, because this year NH will cross the cloud of debris of the what I call "Andrea star", the Proto-Sun companion in our Solar System. Please see to our Solar System: http://www.naturics.eu/?page_id=1123.

I am ready to explain the details to you and everybody interested in.

Peter Jakubowski

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to submit this message ("403 Forbidden - error").
Thus I am using this way to contact him or any other member of the New Horizons Team.