Abstract 5

P. Jakubowski,
Alternative Foundation of Physics
Physics Essays, Vol. 5, No.1, 26-38 (1992).

An alternative model of the foundation of physics is presented in detail. The model is based on a universal, quantized, and relativistic field of mass, the average level of which is called the field of light (FL). This massive FL creates the observable space and time. All matter observable in space and time is assumed to be a structure in the field of mass. Physically it means that all the observable levels of inanimate and animate matter originate in the universal FL. Mathematically it means that all equations of physics are just suitable modifications of the proposed definition of the FL. Practically, a unified family of physical quantities is presented, which allows us to construct the whole of known physics in a new, independent way, starting from only two arbitrary physical quantities. A numerical realization of the model requires only two universal constants. In the present version a two-dimensional area and two-dimensional time are the chosen starting quantities, and Planck's constant of action and the elementary electric charge are the chosen universal constants.

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