Abstract 3

P. Jakubowski,
Equivalence of Electrodynamics with Dynamics
Physics Essays, Vol. 3, No.2, 156-160 (1990).

It is shown that in order to prove, on the traditional basis, an assumed equivalence of the dynamical and electrodynamical descriptions, an exclusive, unconventional entity that one needs is a field of light (FL). This field of light is a fundamental, universal field "creating" the physical realization of space, time, and matter. The inseparability of the translational and rotational motions, a natural explanation for the wave-particle dualism in our universe, is another conclusion. An additional result is the discussion of the field equations and the equations of motion in this field on a common level. A common, dynamical nature is also suggested for gravitational and electromagnetic interactions. The traditional point of view here consists not only of the classical Newtonian-Maxwellian view, but also the quantum and relativistic aspects of the human description of nature. Nevertheless, it is suggested that any further modification to the foundations of physics should include a revision of this traditional point of view on space, time, matter, and motion.

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