26. Planet X, or Planet 9, is probably not a planet at all

(Duesseldorf, 21st July, 2016)

It happened today that I was forced to wait for more than a half an hour on our main railway station. Since many years I know, any unexpected "pause" in my life is a time to learn something (or someone) I would otherwise maybe never had considered at all. There is a large bookshop there that I haven't visited during the last several months. There are always hundreds of books and hundreds of national and international journals and papers there. I went in, and after maybe two minutes I went out with the newest issue of the Journal "Sterne und Weltraum" ("Stars and Universe"; an astrophysical cooperation with "Spektrum der Wissenschaft", the German version of "Scientific American") in my hand. The title page asked me: "Wanted Planet X; could it be hidden at the edge of the Solar System?" Because I was returned just yesterday directly from Bagni di Lucca in Toscany (Italy), where I attended "The Infinite Consciousness Conference" (www.laszloinstitute.com), I was sure, also this time the "Global Consciousness" try to inform me about something exciting.

And indeed, as very often in a similar situation during my life, just after a few minutes I became really excited again. There are three very interesting, seemingly independent reports in that issue, which for myself all belong together.

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