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Peter Jakubowski, Jan, 2014
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I was born 1947 in Poznań (Poland), educated in physics on the Silesian University in Katowice (Poland) during the period 1964-1969. The times should be better for all of us after 1968, but it was not really so. Already during my doctor study it was difficult to find a necessary scientific support for my controversial ideas. Therefore 1984 I have spontaneously decided to use my short Oxford-visit to "spring over" into the western world, where I have found better conditions for a free development of the new, independent foundation of physics. This year is the 25th anniversary of my professional beginning in Germany, where I am living with my family till now.

Peter Jakubowski
Peter Jakubowski, Jan, 2010
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Today not only Europe but the whole world is going towards an interconnected net of states rather than towards any next "cold war" between different systems. This globalization does not occur accidentally in our human evolution (as we will probably discuss on this pages). It is just a next step in our own evolution. However, we are in a special situation now, unique in all those millions of years of this evolution. We have today the responsibility for the success or failure of this global development. In order to spread over the whole world a better understanding of the physical conditions for our own activities, I have decided to open this educational blog for everybody who is interested in our own destiny.

Let us use the ideas of Naturics together, in order to shift our global education on this new, highly exciting level.