20th anniversary of Göbekli Tepe

If I ask you, what an important happening has its 45th anniversary in July 2014, you would probably answer – the first human landing on the Moon. And you were right, it was indeed an important happening for our young, first global civilization. But I think, if I ask you, what a still more important happening has its 20th anniversary this year, you would be in a trouble to give the right answer.

This year is twentieth anniversary of the most important archaeological discovery of our times, the discovery of Göbekli Tepe, an ancient side near Sanliurfa in South-Eastern Turkey. This discovery of a 12000 years old megalithic structure doubles or even triples the traditionally considered history of modern human constructions. This beginning was evidently earlier than the “Great Flood”. And the side has been evidently constructed by some still almost completely unknown civilization of intelligent, spiritually oriented and physically gigantic human beings, our direct fathers.
The intriguing questions arise: Who build Göbekli Tepe? For what purposes?

Some further intriguing questions to the related discoveries of the gigantic skeletons can be also find in the following films:
1) Nephilim Annunaki and the Sumerian giant skeletons; (a 3-minutes long collection of photographs of the Sumerian giant skeletons that have been excavated in the middle east.)
2) Nephilim Giants / Angels & Aliens of the Past / Scheletro interista / Ancient Human Skeletons (a 9-minutes fragment of a longer film; just watch the photos and listen to the facts, but not necessarily to the highly speculative interpretation!)
3) Giants – Thy Mystery and the Myth (a 50-minutes film by Alex Hamilton-Brown.) In the middle of this film you can find its most important question stated by an archaeologist Dr. Carl Baugh: Is it possible that the environmental conditions of past ages favored the development of giants? And his answer (like ours) is yes, the atmosphere of those ages was denser and protected the terrestrial life better than in our days against the cosmic irradiation. “Plants and animals would live longer, be much larger, and that is precisely what we can observe.”

More information to the civilizations of that ancient time can be found in my newest book Atlantis of the Neanderthals.