We all citizens of Earth are great-great-grandchildren of the Atlantis Civilization, which surrendered the Earth to us 6818 years ago. Let us try to be a worthy representative of them. Read here about the exact history of the evolution of our own Genus Homo Sapiens Sapiens and our Spezies Homo Sapiens Sapiens "modernus". And remember our great-great-Grandparents!

(Here is the pdf-version of Our birth certificate for download.)
(To refresh your school knowledge compare shortly the taxonomic table.)

Our Atlantis Birth Certificate

Hello you, does not matter where you live and what your name is.

There are good and bad, happy and sad moments in our lives. There are things we could do without and things we would like to experience again, especially at a certain age. Then we can talk about it with our relatives, people who are close to us or our psychotherapists. Reasonable conversations are always a good idea. But here and now we would like to deal with rather global than with individual events in our life. However, such events are not part of education – and thus of our life philosophy.

There are „hard“ facts in our life which we cannot affect, i.e. global facts. Global facts are effects of previous events which have been „done“ to us by Nature. The global effect of such events on our life is hard to grasp, despite our „glorious“ modern science.

One hard fact is that we all (already more than seven milliard people) belong to one common biophysical species. And – you may ask yourself now – what is so exciting about that? A lot. The most embarrassing thing from a scientific point of view is that up to present we do not even have a name for our species. Hard to believe, but true.

Another hard fact is merely a consequence of the previous one, that we all seem to have a common genealogical origin. Our species is the first of the new Genus Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and that is a fact. Therefore, our species has to be accepted as the direct successor of a genus that had lived on Earth before us. There is only one genus we can take into consideration, the Genus Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis. And that is another fact (if it fits into the old views or not).

From here we directly „go to Atlantis“.

There is only one number we still have to mention. It is the cosmic quantum number with which the whole Cosmic Hierarchy of the Sun and the Solar System has been defined. This number with the power of eight has the value 12.1428. [If you are interested in details about the problem, please visit the Naturics website (www.naturics.eu).] A genealogical genus has the theoretical (and probably also the practical) life expectancy of 164878 years, which corresponds to level 5 of the Cosmic Hierarchy. Within this period each genus develops 12 species with a lifespan of 13578 years each. In addition, there is the 13th species, the incomplete species (mainly with regard to time, and not in intellectual terms). Each species develops during its life 12.1428 even smaller units which we call civilizations. Each civilization has a life expectancy of 1118.22 years. And the last (the 13th) civilization of a species dies out too early.

The illustration below shows the last civilizations of the last two species of the Genus Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis (the last three of twelve of the Regular Atlants and the only two of the Evolutionary Atlants) and the first six civilizations of the first species of the Genus Homo Sapiens Sapiens, our species. In order to distinguish the name of our species from that of our genus, I have added „modernus“ (for the time being).

The origin, the life and the decline of the last civilizations of the Neanderthals have been described in my most recent book „Atlantis of the Neanderthals“ (available in English as a download at the Open Science Academy for free).


We can see the civilizations of our species very clearly. We can see the first „big“ civilization of Old Egypt (between 3686 BCE and 2567 BCE), of New Egypt (between 2567 BCE and 1449 BCE), of the Greeks (between 1449 BCE and 331 BCE), the Romans (between 331 BCE and 787 CE), and finally of the Middle Ages (between 787 and 1905 CE). Then our current civilization, the First Global Civilization of the Earth, was „born“.

I have called (also for the time being) the very first civilization of our species, which came directly after the great „shock“ of level 5 of the Cosmic Hierarchy (between 4804 BCE and 3686 BCE) and has not „deserved“ to be researched scientifically up to present, the Post-Atlantic civilization or simply the civilization of the Survivors of Atlantis.

It should be evident for us that each of the above-listed Mediterranean civilizations includes numerous civilizations living at the same time on all continents of the Earth. For instance, the Maya civilization in Central America lived at the same time as the Roman civilization.

It has to be further researched in which of the shown civilizations of the last Neanderthals the Platonic Atlantis existed and where precisely it was located. It has become clear that the conditions for a paradise on Earth were given during the period of the last three or four thousands of years in the life of the genus of the Neanderthals. The ice age was over, the last great natural disasters lay in the past. The people lived together peacefully and happily. The Regular Atlants grew to gigantic sizes of 5, 6 or more meters. And they lived much longer than we do, I guess, for three to four hundred years at an average. Thus, they had enough time to develop structural engineering, culture, science and medicine in the Atlantis Era.

The only thing that they (like us) could not do was to postpone their own (natural) extinction. Fortunately, they managed to „save“ so many healthy successors through the turbulent times of 7000 years ago with the result that our genus, and in its framework, our „modern“ species was able to develop. Unfortunately, most of the intellectual achievements of the Atlantis Era got lost during those terrible times. Only the megalithic buildings are more or less well-preserved. Only now we realize which treasures of the Atlantis Era have fallen into oblivion. For the first time in our history we have the opportunity to reverse this negative tendency. We only need the mental, intellectual power of the whole global civilization. We have to make a decision now and apply our existing potential.

I think we should be proud to be the children of Atlantis. But only if we want to. Are you in? Please write your comment about it and encourage others.

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