Our Mission

In the second century of the seventh Great Civilization of our modern Homo Sapiens species, we stand on the threshold of a revolutionary new vision of the nature of reality. Our probably most important task for today is to understand our human mission here on the blue planet of our Solar System embedded in our huge Cosmic Hierarchy.

As Dr. Ervin Laszlo and Dr. Jude Currivan write in the introduction to their book „CosMos“ (Hay House, 2008):

„In the new vision of the nature of integral reality, human existence is not an accidental by-product, not the outcome of the blind play of genetic mutation and natural selection, and it is not merely the result of the strategies of self-preservation of selfish genes. Our existence has meaning and a human, a planetary, and even a cosmic purpose. We are the co-creators as well as the creation of the world. Our human mission is to facilitate and empower the dynamic journey of exploration and evolution of the universe: toward the coherence of each with all, and of all with each.“

The practical way for the human mission understanding cannot be realized without a detailed answer to some fundamental questions: What has happened to our Cosmic Hierarchy about seven thousands years ago? What has forced the begin of the series of the Great Civilizations of the human race? And first of all: Where did the deep knowledge about the Cosmos, including the spiritual wisdom and the ancient holistic medicine, come from? Why has all this fantastic knowledge been seemingly lost for so many millennia?

None of these fundamental questions can be answered by means of our traditional science of the 20th century. Because I see no way to modify the traditional physics as the base of the traditional science, medicine and technique in the necessary dimension, I have started once more from the very beginning, theoretically creating our Universe from the absolute minimum of the physical axioms. If you will follow me here, you will learn that we need just a single axiom for this purpose. We do not have to assume anything else but a potential to create all those wonderful things composing the observable Universe.

Please feel invited to co-create this new knowledge of understanding of our place, our mission, and our future here on the Earth.