Naturics; The unified description of Nature

Naturics; The unified description of Nature

ISBN: 978-3-8334-6932-9

The extraordinary challenge of the new technologies of nanomaterials
(nano- and- biotechnology) has forced us to combine our quantum and
relativistic knowledge in some completely new, universally valid
description, which I have named as Naturics.

Physics is our human description of Nature. The Unified Physics is a
new version of this description of the whole matter, the inanimate
matter as well as the animated one. We reach this possibility for the
first time in our history now.

The picture of Nature I am going to present in this book is grandiose
so much and Nature seems to be organized so simply, that I am feeling
myself to be forced to tell you about that all.

The universality is that aspect of the unified physics which
fascinates me above all. No matter whether we describe the true cosmic
influence upon our evolution or upon our present life, or we try to
understand how the nuclear-matter or the brain-matter works, or we
describe a development of any illness in our body, or we design any new
pharmaceutic- or technological nanomaterials, we are always using the
same physical description of the observed matter and natural phenomena.
Even if we should be aware that Naturics is in no way the ultimate
description of Nature, we can be sure that it leads us further towards
the understanding of Nature than any traditional description ever