The global consciousness

Our emerging global consciousness will be discussed here from the Unified-Physics point of view. In the previous categories I have offered the physical base for a scientific consideration of our global consciousness. It is probably the most important open scientific and humanistic problem for us to learn in the next years. It would be wonderfully to can read here some ideas by the wise members of our global civilization. If you read this page and you have some ideas for all of us, please attend the discussion. Or if you know someone, who could give us an instructive comment, please let him know the address of this blog-page.

As the first example of our global-consciousness activities please read "The Quest for a Quantum Leap in Human Affairs" by Ervin Laszlo:
World Shift Der Wandel der Welt Przemiana świata

One other useful possibility how you could participate in the development of our global consciousness is the following action: State of Global Emergency Declaration - ENDORSE NOW!

The next possibility is to read the lecture by Jakob von Uexküll "The World Future Council: Building Europe's Global Vision". Though the text is already some older one, I mean every free thinking human being should read such texts every few years in order to understand the sense of one`s own existence here in this global world. (for more information to the activities of The World Future Council see here).