Our brain in the Field of Light

Our brain will be identified as a read-write device in the universal Field of Light.

The traditional brain physics consider the opinion that the brain activities are some collective actions of electrons and molecules in and between the neurons in our head. My holistic way of thinking motivates me to consider however these actions (like our thoughts) as being not restricted to our head. Our brain produces much bigger (let us think about them as circular) waves. They are generated in our brain and delivered into (or they are read in from) the global, universal memory-archive, the universal Field of Light. In that way our brains are always reaching with their activities the space far outside our heads. Our thoughts can even become „thought" cooperatively and simultaneously by the „attuned“ brains of the people standing emotionally close to us. Our head is rather a reading- and writing-device of the thoughts, like a laser-head in a CD-recorder. The complete library of our thoughts, ideas, and dreams lies outside our individual brains. The universal energetic Field of Light stores all "complete works" of our life, with all thoughts composed someday in the past during our whole life.

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