The energy transfer in our body from the Unified-Physics point of view.

Energy transfer and the basic substance of matter

Naturics is the first successful attempt to manage a uniform physical description of Nature. Nevertheless, there are also other active physicists probably somewhere in the world, who have taken the necessity of the changeover of the whole physics seriously. And I am sure that I am not the first scientist, who has recognized this necessity. There exists a whole practical and scientific discipline of the human activities, which practices such integral description of Nature since centuries or even millennia. That is the holistic medicine that has probably gone out from the ancient Chinese medicine.

In my book concerning the physical bases of the chronomedicine („Die Biofrequenzen“) I have used the following quotation:
„It is always important to find out, what prevents our patients from to be and to remain healthy. Always has something someday put down a blockade, that prevents the healthy regulation, the healthy energy flow.“

These two sentences comprise two of the most important ideas of my Unified Physics.

The first sentence would become in my words the following form: let's leave the Nature to „speak“ for itself, no matter whether it „only“ goes about our convalescence from a cold or about the general understanding for all natural processes. Like a doctor should actually only stimulate and accompany the natural cure processes , also a scientist should only experimentally observe and theoretically describe the Nature, but he should never force the Nature to an answer, that he needs by himself, in order to confirm his artificial models. A doctor, who simply only out-operates the sick part of the human body, will probably never be able to remove the cause of the illness. Also a scientist will hardly be able to learn something about the natural components of the matter bombarding the natural objects, like molecules, atoms, or atomic nuclei, in a particle-accelerator with unnaturally „hard“ projectiles.

The second sentence above puts the healthy energy flow into the foreground of
all restorative processes. The energy transfer, as I name it, is also in my new physics the only interaction between all possible quanta of the inanimate and the animated matter. The energy transfer replaces all interactions known until now in the traditional physics: the gravity, the electromagnetic and the two nuclear (the weak and the strong) interactions.

That doesn't mean however that somebody should now declare the gravity or the electromagnetism for wrong. They both have fulfilled their task well. However they became now superfluous for our understanding of the constitution of Nature. Of course, they still remain just so well useful as previously for the practical tasks, for example in the air and space industry or in the electronics, like the newtonian laws being still useful in the engineering, although they have been passed theoretically long ago by the Einsteinian relativity theory.

The medical researchers can now learn also something new about the connecting substance. The intercession of the connecting substance between all components of an organism always takes place only on the energetic basis. Also in the animated matter, the energy transfer is the only real interaction, keeping the whole system alive. The Unified Physics delivers all necessary numerical values of the corresponding quanta of matter. Many measuring instruments of the functional medicine can immediately increase the precision of their statements through these values.

The medicine also knows, for example, the unambiguous confirmation of my assumption that the nerves are superconducting. In my book about the bioresonances („Die Biofrequenzen“) we can find the following quotation:
„Still it could become proven that the meridians of the Chinese acupuncture are wave-guides, which are in the situation to transfer solitaires vibrations without resistance. That means that superconductivity at the normal body-temperature in the organism is possible (...).“

Although Naturics also requires some renewals of the superconductivity-theory, I am sure that the room-temperature superconductivity will be explored by the researching doctors earlier than by the traditional physicists.

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