The universal natural membrane, the lowest level of any living cell, from the Unified-Physics point of view.

The most important common idea of the functional medicine and Naturics is the idea of the matrix or the basic system. Other used names of this basic system are interstitial connective tissue or mesenchym.

Not only the Chinese but also the western doctors know already since over two hundred years, that the connective tissue has more than only the supporter and filler functions. It perceives in the service of specific organs the nutritional and regenerational tasks and is a mediator of vessel and nerve functions. The holistic medicine understands the connective tissue not only as a mechanical connector but as an organic, vital medium, and recognizes that the nerves and vessels touch the working cells at no position of the body directly. The connecting substance is the mediating limb, the bearer of the nervous and nutritional stream, and any interaction goes through it everywhere. Only the connecting substance touches all the body components directly. But no theoretical clues is available until today about which type could be the intercession of the connecting substance during this interaction.

Many physicists have practically always suspected and also theoretically missed the existence of such a connecting, mediating substance also for the whole Universe, and particularly after the Einsteinian relativity-theory has induced the science to banish such a medium (at that time known as ether) completely out from the theory.

Over twenty years ago, I have proven the theoretical necessity of such a medium. It is necessary in order to reach an uniform physical description of the whole Universe, that is both the inanimate as well as the animated matter. I have formulated exactly such a unified physics. However, it was not yet obvious for me at that time, that the functional medicine has already observed this universal medium in the animated matter and has even measured it. It is simply wonderful to know, that also such a seemingly uncommon idea is not an extravagance but a fundament of a new science.

That is a good example of the superiority of the medicine over the theoretical physics in our daily life. The results of the traditional physical research can be understood only by few of us because the present-day theoretical physics explores mainly the exotic conditions of the inanimate matter. On the other hand, one understands the results of the medical research much better and more frequently, because many of the living research-objects, the human patients, are able to judge their treatment themselves. They even protest, if they are not in agreement with the sometimes quite wrong ideas of the medical researchers. On the other side, it has not yet happened to the theoretical physicists that a subatomic particle has protested after a „fire“ in an accelerator: „I am not an elementary component of the matter, leave me alone!“. Such a protest would be however necessary, in order to keep the conventional subatomic-particle physics away from to follow the wrong track decade after decade.

After the theoretical physics has been reformulated, also the medical researchers can now profit from the universal concept of the Field of Light, the „connecting medium“ of the whole Universe. They can learn among other things, that the universal basic substance is the first stage of an emerging, living organism, and also the last stage of a dying organism. All biological cells, including the nerves and the brain cells, originate from this basic substance and disintegrate into it again.

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