In the Unified-Physics description, quarks are the quanta of matter belonging to the class with dimensions below those of the atomic nuclei. The material parameter µ of the Quantum Spectrum of Matter lies for quarks in the range 10-8<µ<10-6. According to the rules of the Unified Family the exemplary physical quantities take on for quarks the values as demonstrated in the table below.

The range of the quarks quanta of matter

Diameter r Frequency f Energy density rhoW Charge density rhoq Electric field D Magnetic field H
5.1 fm 5.1*1024 Hz 25 GJ/m3 1.2 C/m3 6.2 fC/m2 0.16 mA/m
51 am 5.1*1028 Hz 2.5 TJ/m3 12 mC/m3 0.62 aC/m2 1.6 µA/m