Atomic nuclei

We define the nuclear matter from the point of view of the Unified Physics.

Quanta of the nuclear matter

In order to help the nuclear physics to solve its main problems, and in order to increase the safety of the nuclear devices installed around the world, let us demonstrate here our precise definition of the physical properties of the nuclear-matter quanta (defining the matter quanta inside the atomic nuclei). The table shows the corresponding values of the size r of the characteristic quantum, the quantum frequency f, the quantum energy density rhoW, the quantum charge density rhoq, the critical electric field D, and the critical magnetic field H. (For the corresponding speed of light and the critical temperature inside the nuclear matter compare the previous example.)

Quanta of the nuclear matter

Diameter r Frequency f Energy density rhoW Charge density rhoq Electric field D Magnetic field H
440 fm 6.77*1020 Hz 298 MJ/m3 106 C/m3 46.8 pC/m2 13.9 mA/m
44 fm 6.77*1022 Hz 2.98 GJ/m3 10.6 C/m3 468 fC/m2 1.39 mA/m
4.4 fm 6.77*1024 Hz 29.8 GJ/m3 1.06 C/m3 4.68 pC/m2 0.139 mA/m
440 am 6.77*1026 Hz 298 GJ/m3 0.11 C/m3 46.8 aC/m2 0.014 mA/m

It is my serious supposition that the peaceful use of the future nuclear reactors could be safe in the same manner as the use of the present molecular (electric) batteries. The necessary condition is the use of the Unified Physics for the quite new understanding of the nuclear matter.