Partly solved tasks of Naturics

Applications of the Unified Physics

The applications solved in general points till now

Theoretical physics

1. The single-parameter foundation of physics (the mass of the Proto-Solar system leading to a dimensionless velocity of light)

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1. Cosmic Origin of the Darwinian Hierarchy in the kingdom Animalia (a direct application of the Cosmic Hierarchy idea to evolutionary research)

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Medical physics

1. Enzymes of the nerve system and of the brain (their role as the energy-transfer "controllers")
2. Cancer and ill energy transfer through the sick organism (the conditions of a possible cure)
3. Allergy and ill energy transfer through the organism (the conditions of a possible cure)

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Chemical physics

1. The fundamental difference between the molecular and atomic reactions (the "free" atoms are hundred times smaller than the "free" molecules)
2. Catalysts and their role as the energy-transfer "controllers" (very large molecules, small and large material particles)

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Environmental physics

1. Alternative resources of energy (solar energy, cosmic energy, new energetic materials, etc.)

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1. The future development of the Earth's surface (the vanishing vibrations of the Earth's body; its return to the equilibrium state)

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1. The spiral arrangement of the brightest stars on the sky (a common hierarchical distribution of these stars)
2. The future development of the Earth-Moon system and of the Solar System (the next "global destruction" of the present structure will occur in 78 Myr)
3. The technical risks for the manned flights to Mars and other planets (the physical changes in the inanimate matter during the flight)
4. The problems to be expected during the "New Horizons" Mission (the mass of a "dark" Sun's companion centered just behind Pluto)

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1. Biological superconducting materials (chloroplast cells, nerve cells, brain substance)
2. Superfluidity (another kind of energetic superconductivity)

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1. Optical computing and video systems (the physical conditions of the best light conductivity and energy transfer)
2. The practical limits of optoelectronics (the quantum structure of the proper materials)

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1. The thermal effects in nanoelectronical elements (the avoidance of overheating, the "cold" supercomputers)
2. Superlattices (of semiconductors, laser materials, ect.)

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1. Low-dimensional nanoelements (quantum dots, quantum wires, etc.)

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Material research

1.Light conducting materials (transparency conditions)
2.Sensoring materials (technical sensors and biosensors)

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