Let us consider the following six topics:
What is so extraordinary on the nanoscale?
1. The spectrum of matter centers on the nanoscale
2. All traditional sciences meet on the nanoscale
3. Matter organizes itself on the nanoscale
4. The universal values appear on the nanoscale
5. The physical laws come from the nanoscale
6. All material properties are clear on the nanoscale

1. The spectrum of matter centers on the nanoscale

The classical physics has divided the material objects upon the „condensation“ classes, i.e. upon solid state, fluids, gases, and plasmas. The traditional physics of the 20th Century has also used one another division of the objects under consideration, the division upon the object size. It goes from the elementary particles and atoms, through the human body, to galaxies and clusters of galaxies. However, neither the classes of condensation nor the traditional classes of sizes have something in common with the natural quantization of matter.

Unified Physics is the first science correctly recognizing the true quantization of matter. The nanoscale level of sizes of the natural quanta of matter is the central level of the whole matter spectrum.There are three natural material classes above this level and correspondingly three classes below it.

The quantum spectrum of matter
(Only a typical size of each class is shown for the overview)

Class of material Spectrum of sizes Spectrum of matter
3 5 mm Brain cells
2 50 µm Nerve cells
1 0.5 µm Simple living cells
0 5 nm Membranes
-1 50 pm Molecules
-2 0.5 pm Atoms
-3 5 fm Atomic nuclei

The universal membranes (neither organic nor inorganic) are the first natural material objects emerging spontaneously from the universal „environment“ of the Field of Light. The inanimate matter is quantized into smaller quanta (molecules, atoms, and atomic nuclei) according to the actual conditions (energy density, or temperature) of the „environment“. This „top-down“ quantization releases corresponding amounts (quanta) of energy. This energy can be „consumed“ in the classes of the animated matter, forming in the „bottom-top“ hierarchy the corresponding quanta of the living organisms: the simple biological cells, the nerve cells, and the brain cells.

A natural conglomeration of the brain cells, like our own brain, can exist only so long as the necessary energy transfer from (and by means of) the lower hierarchy levels continues. After this transfer is interrupted, the living cells return to the central level of membranes, to the dust particles. Similarly, a conglomeration of the atomic nuclei, like a star, can exist only so long as the corresponding transfer of its energy to the „environment“ continues. If it is finished, also the stellar matter returns onto the universal, central level of the dust particles. All matter begins and ends on the dusty level of membranes, or theoretically expressing the same, in the universal Field of Light.

If you are missing the quarks level in the natural spectrum of matter, do not worry, it is not forgotten by Nature. Simply, the evolution of our (visible) Universe had not yet created any free existing quarks, being not confined inside atomic nuclei. Similarly, Nature had not yet got enough time to create the corresponding level on the animated side of the central level of membranes. It should be a superbrain level, directly capable to consume energy with the tremendous density delivered by quarks. It is not an easy task for the evolution, because one superbrain quantum needs a large place in a „superhead“ (up to 50 centimeters for a single quantum size) supporting hundreds kilograms of the brain substance. Nevertheless, continuing the accelerated development of the brain size during the last few millions of years, it is not excluded that the superbrain level (and correspondingly the free-quarks level) will be realized in the remaining few million years of the Earth existence (compare the topics concerning our global future).

However, for the optimization of our education and our nanoscale technologies, it should be enough to use our common brains. The tools of Naturics make it distinctly easier.


2. All traditional sciences meet on the nanoscale

Our physical knowledge about the world around us has been developed during many past centuries. Most of the different branches of this scientific investigation have carried out their research separately from each others. Only recently, during the life of our generation, it has been realized that most of these separate sciences explore the common basis of matter, the corresponding quanta of the Quantum Spectrum of Matter. Especially the modern nanoscale technologies demonstrate this similarity very clearly indeed.

The spectrum of our physical knowledge

Spectrum of our
physical knowledge
Spectrum of sizes Spectrum of matter
Brain physics 5 mm Brain cells
Neurophysics 50 µm Nerve cells
Biophysics 0.5 µm Simple living cells
Mezophysics 5 nm Membranes
Chemical physics 50 pm Molecules
Atomic physics 0.5 pm Atoms
Nuclear physics 5 fm Atomic nuclei

Some traditional sciences, as the medical physics, astrophysics, or geophysics, consider more than a single class of the quanta of matter. They should already know some particular evidency of the reality of the Quantum Spectrum of Matter.

The unmodified application of the molecular physics to the other classes of the material quanta has very probably caused the most of the present difficulties in the medical physics, but also in the atomic physics, and especially in the nuclear physics. We have learned with Naturics, for example, that the speed of light is different for all these classes. All scientific models neglecting this change have to be revised.


3. Matter organizes itself on the nanoscale

All processes not regulated through our activity are called spontaneous processes. One specific group of such spontaneous processes, where some material objects rearrange their mutual positions and relationship, is referred to as self-organization (or self-assembly). It is relatively easy to observe the self-organization of quanta of the nanoscale matter. The spontaneous emerging of the fullerenes or nanotubes (under corresponding conditions) is the mostly cited example.

There are two reasons for this extraordinary situation. Firstly, the nanoscale quanta (the nanoparticles) belong to the universal level of matter (the Field of Light). Secondly, the specific temperature (or the average energy density) of the nanoscale range covers the range of the room temperatures. Therefore, it is often possible on this scale to observe the self-organization under the „normal“ physical conditions.

The quantum temperature
(as a measure of the quantum energy density)

Spectrum of our
physical knowledge
Spectrum of sizes Spectrum of quantum temperatures
Brain cells 5 mm 10-4 K
Nerve cells 50 µm 10-2 K
Simple living cells 0.5 µm 100 K
Membranes 5 nm 102 K
Molecules 50 pm 104 K
Atoms 0.5 pm 106 K
Atomic nuclei 5 fm 108 K

However, the self-organization is a common process for all natural classes of the quanta of matter. The larger quanta (in our brain, for example) do it consuming a correspondingly high amount of energy. The smaller quanta (like during an atomic explosion) do it setting free their surplus energy. The most complicated example of the self-organization of matter is surely a growing human baby.


4. The universal values appear on the nanoscale

Our scientific description of Nature is realized by means of the physical quantities, the specific concepts allowing us to define all „natural“ laws and rules in a possibly uniform manner. The traditional physics knows hundreds of such quantities. Each of these quantities, which are not considered to be a physical constant, takes on a different value in any new state of matter. We have seen in the previous category of topics that the standard version of the Unified Family of all physical quantities reduces the necessary amount of the physical quantities to only two of them; all other are simply calculable from these two basic quantities. (The more advanced version of this family reduces this number of the necessary physical quantities to one and the next one even to zero!)

Some exemplary values of the chosen physical quantities on various levels of the Quantum Spectrum of Matter are collected in the table below. The universal values of these quantities emerge exactly on the nanoscale level of membranes. The readers working with organic or inorganic membranes will immediately recognize these universal values (about 5 nm of size, 5 THz of frequency, 10 mV of voltage, and 0.1 µA of the electric current) as very familiar for them. All these universal values represent our numerical definition of the Field of Light.

The quantized values of some physical quantities

Spectrum of our
physical knowledge
Spectrum of sizes Frequencies Voltages Electric currents
Brain cells 5 mm 5 Hz 10 kV 100 kA
Nerve cells 50 µm 50 kHz 100 V 10 A
Simple living cells 0.5 µm 500 MHz 1 V 1 mA
Membranes 5 nm 5 THz 10 mV 100 nA
Molecules 50 pm 50 PHz 100 µV 10 pA
Atoms 0.5 pm 500 EHz 1 µV 1 fA
Atomic nuclei 5 fm 5*1024 Hz 10 nV 0.1 aA


5. The physical laws come from the nanoscale

One of the first new things we learn about with Naturics is the Unified Family of all physical quantities. It consists of two planes ordering any particular physical quantity in relations to each other. The standard form of the Unified Family is that one relating to the universal level of matter, the nanoscale level of membranes or the Field of Light.

Next we learn that all physical laws are not some mysterious relations between the physical quantities, but simply the basic movements across the planes of the Unified Family. Most of the physical laws are well-known to us. We can see, for example, that Einstein had got no other possibility to combine the energy with mass as through the square of the light velocity, W = mc2 (we are using the equivalent work symbol, W for energy, leaving the more common symbol E for the electric field strength). The famous Einstein's relation is just the only possible natural relation between these two physical quantities, energy and mass.

Beside the numerous well-known physical laws we also obtain such astonishing relations as, for example: m = A * t. This relation means that the quantum mass, m, is the area of the quantum, A, (in the massive spacetime, if you like this idea) multiplied by its quantum time, t, (or period); (I for myself treat this relation as one of the most important theoretical discoveries of Naturics). This relation allows us to understand the massive quantum spacetime in a quite new, simple and precise way. Continuing, we can also see that p = A * r = r3 = V. It means that in the quantum and relativistic space, the volume V of a quantum equals its momentum, p. Further, we have: J = A * A = r4. It means that quantum of action (or equivalently – the angular momentum) is nothing other but a volume of the relativistic, four-dimensional, massive space-time that we have to identify with the quantum.

However, we should not be extraordinarily excited with this very practical possibility to discover new physical laws. What we are aiming with Naturics, is to reduce all physical laws of the traditional physics (those well-known as also those still undiscovered till now) to just a single relation defining the Unified Family of all physical quantities. All other laws are then no more than simple movements across the planes of this family. We can thus keep our minds free for another tasks of the new science and technologies.


6. All material properties are clear on the nanoscale

The radical renovation of our description of Nature, introduced with the Unified Physics, demands of course also a radical change in almost all applications of science in the material engineering. It is impossible to discuss here all such applications. Two of them, however, are so highly important for our general technological education that they have to be presented here.

One of the most important application of the Unified-Physics ideas is a necessary generalization of the traditional spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation in „vacuum“ onto all other states of matter (to be found in „Naturics“ books). This example demonstrates to us the necessary change in our interpretation of the electromagnetic spectrum. The new sight upon this spectrum is the precondition for its using in the nanoelectronics, the single-quantum electronics. We have to understand that the „vacuum“-spectrum conditions are not generally valid. They are applicable in only one particular state of matter, in „vacuum“. Also the „holy“ value of the „vacuum“-speed of light (~300 Mm/s) is valid only in this particular state of matter; it is not a „universal constant“ of Nature.

One another important example, that we would like to mention here describes the quantum superforce, a universally defined concept of the physical force, combining together all previously discovered „kinds“ of force of the traditional physics. (compare the previous category of topics). The unifying power of the new description of the material world is probably most explicitly evident in the analysis of all traditional forces introduced separately into science during the last centuries. We have recognized that the Newton's definition of the dynamical force equals - on the quantum and relativistic level - not only to its energetical and gravitational definitions, but also to the electric and magnetic definitions by Coulomb, Lorentz, and Faraday.

On the other hand, this unification should not be surprising for us, because we already know that all physical laws can be reduced to the simplest movements on the universal plane of the Unified Family of all physical quantities. All physically acceptable forms of force have thus to be equivalent to the simple rule defining the universal quantum force, F, as the quantum energy, W, multiplied with the quantum wave vektor, k; F = k * W. It describes nothing else than the „driving force“ of the universal energy transfer, the single fundamental interaction in our Universe. This unified force replaces of course all „individual“ forces of the traditional physics, both in the cosmic space and inside of atoms and molecules.

What is so extraordinary on the nanoscale?

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