Solved tasks of Naturics 2015

The practical applications of the Unified Physics

A. Theoretical physics
B. Biophysics
C. Medical physics
D. Environmental physics
E. Geophysics
F. Astrophysics
G. Material physics

A. Theoretical physics
1. An alternative solution of the standard Maxwell’s theory allowing the unification of physics (a simple reversal of a single plus-sign allows the new composition of the “puzzle”)
2. Axiomatics of the universal quanta of spirit-matter (the quantization, the spirit-mater duality, the relativity, and the universality combined in a common idea)
3. Energy transfer – the single dynamical interaction necessary in the unified description of Nature (replacing all four traditional fundamental interactions of gravitation, electromagnetic, and nuclear forces)
4. The Unified Family of all physical quantities (the unambiguously ordered basic and equivalent physical quantities, reducible onto the quantum size alone)
5. An automatic derivation of an arbitrary physical equation (together with the corresponding units and universal values)
6. The Quantum Spectrum of the whole observable matter (a unified treatment of the animated and inanimate matter on all possible levels)
7. New, realistic version of the “cosmological” Planck’s Scale (the unique length, time, and mass of any possible quantum in our Universe)

B. Biophysics
1. The quantum biophysics (the theoretical properties of any possible spirit-matter quantum of the living matter)
2. The universality of the preconditions of life in the Universe (the relatively stable universal temperature of about -30°C is the only such precondition)
3. The cosmic origin of the forcing power of the terrestrial evolution of life (the main biological consequence of the Mars-Earth collision 3507 My ago)
4. The periodic mass extinctions of the living organisms (the periodically recurring causal chain of links: cosmic bodies impact on the Earth; the intensified tectonics, volcanism, and earthquakes; the extremely strong and rapid environmental changes; the extinction)
5. The “explosion” of life at the end of the Cryogenian Period (a direct biophysical consequence of the unique geophysical period from 850 to 550 My ago)
6. The next and the following “crises” of life and extinctions (the cosmic clock is still working with the same precision as ever)
7. Our proper genealogical relation to Neanderthal man (he was the direct genealogical “father” for our own Genus Homo sapiens Sapiens)
8. The 7 years and 7 months cycle is a biological period of everyone’s life (the ancient popular wisdom about the fatalistic “seven-year periods” obtains its scientific fundament now)

C. Medical physics
1. The Unified Medicine (a new-paradigm physical guide for the Unified Medicine)
2. A separate biological class of the quantum levels of the nerve cells (the conditions for the nerve-cells growth and “repair”)
3. A separate biological class of the quantum levels of the brain cells (the conditions for the brain-cells growth and “repair”)
4. The increasing drug resistance of bacteria and viruses (the changed “environmental” conditions inside the sick organism “produces” the new bacteria)

D. Environmental physics
1. Global climate changes and their short- and long-term reconstruction (periodic cosmic influences, optimal conditions, ice times)
2. The present global climate change and the resulting global cooling (its cosmic origin and the temporal development)
3. Global climate changes and their short- and long-term forecasting (periodic cosmic influences, future development)

E. Geophysics
1. Cosmic origin of the theoretical geological scale of time (overlapped periodicity on various levels; the Black-Sea-flood and the Tunguska explosion being the youngest included events)
2. Moon’s origin and Moon’s birthday 3507 My ago (the most probable date of the Proto-Mars collision with the Proto-Earth)
3. The geophysical consequences of the Mars-Earth collision (localization of the main cratons on the Earth's surface, the cause and the mechanism of the plate tectonics and the magnetic poles reversal)
4. The everlasting cosmic bombardment of the Earth-Moon system (the hierarchical scale of the impacts, the differentiated sizes and impact
velocities of the terrestrial impactors, hot spots as direct consequences of the impacts)
5. The antipodal correlation of the impact craters on the one side and lava floods on the opposite side of all cosmic bodies (the hot spots being a direct consequence of such impacts)
6. A discovery of many old impact craters on the Earth’s surface (there are found 21 old impact craters, with diameter between 14 km and 320 km, on the territory of Germany alone)
7. The recurring glaciations of the Earth’s surface (their origin, periodicity, and differentiated extension)
8. The origin, timing and consequences of the Cryogenian Period (as defined by the International Commission on Stratigraphy: 850–550 My ago)

F. Astrophysics
1. The Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System (the hierarchical structure of the observed Universe)
2. Origin, development, the present structure, and the future of our Solar System (the center of the total mass in Venus, Andrea star - the Sun’s dark companion, the unique Pluto orbit, the Kuiper Belt)
3. The astrophysical consequences of the Mars-Earth collision (the slowly lowering Earth-Sun distance, the rising average Earth’s temperature)
4. The periodically changing cosmic energetic activity (the long-term forecasting of the sunspot-cycles development and the cosmic “weather”)

G. Material physics
1. Universal membranes (quantized surfaces of technical and biological materials)
2. Ultra-small particles (colloids, enzymes, and catalysts as examples of the spirit-matter quanta)
3. The natural conditions and limits of superconductivity (the limited temperature, conductivity, and the current density; the advantages of the layered structures)
4. The universal quantum effects in optoelectronics (the quantum properties of the transferring medium and the “transferred” light)
5. The universal quantum effects in nanoelectronics (the quantum properties of the “transferred” current, the single-quantum computers)
6. The influence of the quantum effects in nanotechnology (the precise quantum properties of the nanomaterials)
7. The practical limits of nanotechnologies (the miniaturization limit under the terrestrial conditions)

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