3. Construction of the Unified Family of all physical quantities

Before you start to watch the videos, please read the Technical Note.

In this series of videos, we are introducing the Unified Family of all physical quantities, the mighty tool for construction of the whole Universe. The Unified Family is based upon the single real entity of our Universe, termed the Universal Unity, the creative potential, the way to create everything else.

The creation begins with the creation of the potential two components, the material axis of the quantum size (and form), and the spiritual axis of the quantum period (time). Next we introduce two further physical quantities as the reciprocal quantities to the quantum dimension and quantum time and the first physical equation, defining the quantum speed.

We expand the definition of new quantities through a simple multiplication of the previous ones with the basic components of our creative potential r and t.

Now, we recognize these simple multiplications as some fundamental quantities of the traditional physics. And we find the most important numerical correlation between the universal value of the quantum action J, the Planck's constant and the universal dimension of a quantum of our Universe: the Planck's constant is the fourth power of this dimension: h = r4.

Why is it possible? The only plausible explanation is the new definition of mass, the mysterious property of every object in our Universe.

With the above presented information you should be well prepared to further study of the Unified Physics and to comprehend the following applications of this physics in all scientific domains of our modern knowledge, as discussed in the next categories of the present blog.

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