1. Why should we continue to ask the scientific questions?

How can we create our Universe? Is it a matter of science or philosophy?


For the past four decades of my work as physicist I was convinced that it is impossible to reach the last question of physics during a single human life. Now, after I have really reached exactly this point I know that it is a great feeling indeed to have achieved what one has set out to do in one's life.

The axioms of the Unified Physics have been simplified and generalized since their first formulation (in years 1990-1992) and the final question of physics: "How can we create our Universe?" can be precisely answered now.

Fortunately the unified time does not flow infinitely, it circulates. Therefore the achievement of the last question is not the end of physics but just the end of the present cycle of science. We are ready now to use our global consciousness and to begin to ask the Nature again. I am sure, our description of Nature will never end.

Why should we continue to ask the scientific questions?

A Chinese proverb said: „If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people."

In some previous version of the Vision of the Ervin Laszlo Center for Advanced Study of the Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University I have read:

„… According to Gregory Bateson, and for Heraclitus, the alchemists, Blake, Lamarck and Butler, scientific research emerges from our curiosity about the nature of humankind and our desire to construct a complete image of our place in the Universe. In this image both the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of consciousness arise through art and spirituality. The reward of this difficult intellectual task is not power, but beauty.“

And theoretical physicist Lawrence M. Krauss said in discussion with philosopher Julian Baggini:

„... I continue to be surprised by the progress that is possible by continuing to ask questions of nature and let her answer through experiment. … The mysteries are what make life worth living and I would be sad if the day comes when we can no longer find answerable questions that have yet to be answered, and puzzles that can be solved. “

And what are your most important scientific questions?

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