Two points for Andrea Berg

Zwei Punkte für Andrea Berg; Das neue Paradigma ist bereits in der Kunst angekommen

The new paradigm has already come in the art

In Prologue to my new book “Our illusory physics” I ask myself and the reader:

“Imagine you are allowed to create your own universe. … Would I feel glad myself with “my” own universe? I suppose yes. And you, being in my place? Probably you also would be glad. And also any other human being having got this creative potential. So, why should we not feel good ourselves in our present Universe, on our planet Earth in our Solar System?”

And my answer is the following:

“I think, we have only to understand, what an enormous fortune it is to be allowed to live here and today, in order to become happy. Let us try to understand our own luck, at the beginning from the physical, and next from the psychical point of view. The present book is a guide into the first part of this understanding.”

And the second part of this understanding, from the psychical point of view, deliver the “searching” artists and other humanists. Many of them are joined with “The Club of Budapest”, but still more are also actually practicing their mental “search” after the sense of life on many scenes and podia around the world, just like Andrea Berg in the recent two decades in Europe.

Let me cite myself once more:

“Physics is our scientific description of Nature by means of the experimentally provable theories. … Each „revolution“ in physics itself has always a profound influence on all other sciences. However, also the humanities are strongly dependent on the actual paradigm in physics, first of all in the quantum theory. Today we live in times of a great paradigm change in our description of the whole Nature, including the inanimate matter and the living matter as well. Therefore, not only our traditional physics has to be replaced with a completely new, uniform physics, but also our understanding of such humanitarian aspects of Nature as our own bodies, our thoughts, and our souls, have to be adapted to this new physical paradigm. Many scientists and humanists have already recognized this necessity.”

My new Unified Physics joins for the first time in the history of science the material and the spiritual aspects of our natural life, the life of our first really global civilization on Earth. Since no evolution in our consciousness is possible without a revolution in our thinking, we have to be prepared for some revolutionary thoughts and ideas.

And the new song “Atlantis still lives” (“Atlantis lebt”) by Andrea Berg contains just two of such revolutionary thoughts and ideas: “Atlantis lives, and will never disappear, because what only matters, is what we see with our heart." (“Atlantis lebt und wird niemals untergehen, weil nur wirklich zählt, was wir mit dem Herzen sehen.”)

The first point is that Atlantis lives indeed and it will be never lost, as long as humanity lives. In my book I have shown the scientific argumentation for the continuing civilizing development at the end of the Neanderthals era and across the tremendous catastrophic events worldwide between 7000 and 4000 years before today. The species of Atlants, with 15 consecutive civilizations (with 1118-years life expectation each) were our direct predecessors. Therefore, Andrea Berg is right, Atlantis lives in us ourselves also today. However, it lives much more in the mental (spiritual, or temporary) dimension of our world, in the “deep ocean” of our consciousness, our feelings, than in the material remnants of the ancient cultures as pyramids and megalithic cities ruins. And here we are at the second point of the Atlantis song: "because what only matters, is what we see with our heart". Our feelings, our loves, our dreams, and our intuitions are a much better teacher of life and guide through it than the cold reasoning.

By the way, dear Andrea, maybe quite unexpectedly for you, the Unified-Physics point of view gives also the answer for your life-question, what you put in your another song, “The Feeling” (“Das Gefühl”): “How I only get rid of the feeling, the longing deeply in me?” (“Wie werd ich das Gefühl nur los, die Sehnsucht tief in mir?”). Just stay on your way a single step longer, crossing the boundary to the new point of view, where we are able to read out all our thoughts, dreams, knowledge, and, of course, all our feelings and loves from all previous times, because the Akasha (the humanistic generalization of the Universal Quantum Field) never forget even a single impulse, a single vibration once created (“written down”) in it.

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