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Our tropopause "Shield of Life"
One new powerful observational proof for its existence has been found nowOne further, very strong proof of the reality of the “Shield of Life” in the terrestrial tropopause becomes announced during the American Geophysical Union’s 46th annual Fall Meeting (San Francisco, 9-13 December 2013).

Several kilometers under our feet move and prosper puzzling living beings. Where the loose earth has given way to hard rock, microbes prosper. Enclosed in the hot depth rock the beings tap some unknown energy source to survive, with which they live since primeval times very well. Now a genotype analysis reveals that the creatures in the whole world are alike. Researchers have examined the genotype of the underground microbes from different world regions - and have made an astonishing discovery: 13 of the living beings are alike no matter whether they live under South Africa, Indonesia or in the ground of the Pacific. However, how is the close relationship about distances from up to 16,000 kilometers to be explained where the microbes move in their life hardly from the place? Nobody can explain how they outlast in the depth. Scientists on the AGU conference speculate that the beings have developed in the early time of the Earth at a common place and were distributed in the course of the annual milliards with the drift of the continents in all world. Therefore, the depth creatures could be the prototype of the life on the Earth.

Our Unified Physics explanation is clear now. The “Shield of Life” has been present in the Earth's tropopause since the Earth's formation. The most primitive “units” of life, originating in this layer of the terrestrial atmosphere all the time (independent of the actual constitution of the atmosphere) had rained onto the Earth's icy surface and had been included into the rocks sinking next into depth during various tectonic movements. They gave not directly any “active” help for all higher developed forms of life, but they can be indeed considered to be the “passive” remnants of the primordial phase of the life evolution.

One further powerful observational proof of Naturics
Our Solar System has really originated as a double-star systemVanessa Bailey, a fifth-year graduate student in the Department of Astronomy at the Arizona University, led the research using the most powerful available today optics for a direct astrophysical imaging. On 5th December 2013 the group has announced the discovery of a giant planet weighting about 11 times Jupiter's mass and orbiting its star in a distance of 650 AU. The mass of this “new” object makes only about one percent of the mass of the central star.

Vanessa Bailey said in the

The closing words to all scientists of the Warsaw-Climate-Conference_2013In the so-called „climate debate“ there are two groups of adversaries. The „climate change sceptics“ and the „main stream group“. The problem is that only the second group means to be supported with the main stream science, first of all, the main stream physics. Therefore, in the past, it was extremely difficult to discuss the climate questions on a founded scientific level.

Fortunately, today, it is possible to solve the whole debate with a single sentence. The whole traditional physics, on which the „main stream group“ builds their models and hypotheses, is just an illusion, a fairy story. Point. We do not need to add any word more. If someone need a proof, it has been written down on my blogs ( and and in my books (s. ibid.).

The lesson from this debate: let us do our job as scientists independently of the climate „religion“. If our belief system will survive the necessary scientific paradigm change, we will understand the natural climate change better than ever, and surely better than our previous adversaries.

Our Earth from the Saturnian point of viewNASA has released a natural color image of Saturn from space, the first in which Saturn, its moons and rings, and Earth, Venus and Mars, all are visible.The new panoramic mosaic of the majestic Saturn system taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which shows the view as it would be seen by human eyes, was unveiled at the Newseum in Washington yesterday (on Tuesday, November 12, 2013).

Cassini does not attempt many images of Earth because the Sun is so close to our planet that an unobstructed view would damage the spacecraft’s sensitive detectors. Cassini team members looked for an opportunity when the Sun would slip behind Saturn from Cassini’s point of view. A good opportunity came on July 19, when Cassini was able to capture a picture of Earth and its moon, and this multi-image, backlit panorama of the Saturn system.

“In this one magnificent view, Cassini has delivered to us a universe of marvels: from spokes in Saturn’s main rings to the spray erupting from the icy moon Enceladus, from the shadows of moons cast through the gorgeous blue E ring to the inner planets Venus, Mars, and our own planet Earth, far in the distance,”

said Carolyn Porco, Cassini’s imaging team lead based at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

“And it did so on a day people all over the world, in unison, smiled in celebration at the sheer joy of being alive on a pale blue dot. …But from the very start, the plans for the July 19 mosaic included something very special: If all went well, the images would capture a glimpse of Earth alongside Saturn and its rings at the very moment that people all over the globe would be contemplating their connectedness to each other and to all life on Earth, appreciating the rarity of our planet within the solar system, marveling at their own existence, and rejoicing at the very thought of having their picture taken from across the solar system.“

The presented picture is the first even taken natural-color image of Saturn, in which not only its moons and rings, but also Earth, Venus and Mars are visible. The Sun (hidden behind Saturn) and the whole Cosmic Hierarchy of our Solar System have to be imagined however, in addition to this view. Without a proper understanding of this majestic cosmic perspective of our own home, all our finacial business, all our wars and conflicts, but also our science, including the Warsaw climate-change debate, are simply senseless, destructive activities.

It is a timeless truth that we are all One.This title is the last sentence from the recent article of The Club of Budapest announcing the Global Oneness Day (on 24th October 2013).

Global Oneness Day was created to heal the illusion of separation that has such a powerful grip on the Earth. Even though scientist and notables have been sharing for some time that everything is connected, we are one, the world’s institutions, organizations and cultures are based almost entirely on separation and this has created the chronic and acute problems that we see in every sphere of society. We’re joining the call for an awakened world, a culture of solidarity and a compassionate and sustainable Earth.

The Club of Budapest announces also the new book by Ervin Laszlo: The Self-Actualizing Cosmos. In the publisher's description of the book we read:

With contributions by physicists Paul A. LaViolette and Peter Jakubowski, pioneering systems scientist Ervin Laszlo explores the genesis of the current revolution in scientific thought and the latest findings in support of the Akashic field. He explains how the burgeoning Akasha paradigm returns our way of thinking to an integral consciousness, a nonlinear mode of understanding that enables us to accept the reality of nonlocal interconnection throughout the world. This new inclusive way of understanding reaffirms the age-old instinctive comprehension of deep connections among people, societies, and nature, and it integrates and transcends classical religious and scientific paradigms.

What can our science learn from our religion?

We have to re-think just now.Abstract

Three main points we are considering here are following:

1. The World has already changed

Since 1908, we all are citizens of the same, first global civilization on Earth.

2. What can our science learn from our religion?

Our monotheistic religion has been born as the adaptation of our previous polymorphic beliefs to our uniform understanding of Nature. In a similar way, our polymorphic science of the 20th century has to be replaced now with the Unified Physics, the first uniform description of the surely uniform Nature.

3. Beyond the paradigm boundary

We are standing on the new-paradigm side without our previous "physical body". But we are completely free. Free to build our new "body" of physics without the diseases of the old one. Free to reach new wonderful horizons.

The full text.

What is Life?

Our answer from the new-paradigm point of view
Our world is changing. We all are members of the first global civilization living on the Earth. This new situation requires new unifying ideas leading us towards a better understanding of our place in our cosmic environment, and our role in the Cosmic Hierarchy of the Solar System.

What is life is one of the oldest questions of humanity. In this article we consider this important example in order to demonstrate the new way of thinking and the necessity to change our scientific paradigm as soon as possible.

The pdf-format of this newest article by Peter Jakubowski can be downloaded here.

No Evolution in Science without a Revolution in our Vision of the World
A new-paradigm physical guide for the Unified Medicine and the Unified PsychologyThe pdf-format of this newest article of the Open Science Academy can be downloaded here.

The article is meant to be a comment on two books summarizing our knowledge in medicine and psychology at the boundary between the old and new paradigm in science.

The book by James L. Oschman („Energy Medicine; The Scientific Basis“; Elsevier Limited 2000; ISBN: 978-0-443-06261-2) summarizes our knowledge about healing methods and processes from the beginning of the energetic treatment, through the energy fields of life, acupuncture, biofrequencies and related electromagnetic therapies up to the question: „Is the energy medicine the medicine of the future?“.

The book by Ewa Danuta Bialek („A Quantum Man; Building the basis for the unified treatment of the human health and education“; available in Polish as „Czlowiek kwantowy“; printed by Instytut Psychosyntezy; Warsaw, 2012; ISBN:978-83-63428-01-3) summarizes our knowledge on the field of the psychological and educational methods and tasks from the theory of evolution of a human being, through the different treatments of our consciousness, spiritual dimension of a man, up to the holistic treatment of a human being and its environment in education and medicine, also ending with a vision for the 21st century.

The newest e-book by Peter Jakubowski is available on Internet nowThe e-book

can be reached as a series of videos on the webpage of the Open Science Academy

The Next Scientific Paradigm Shift is reality nowIn respect to my newest research it is highly valuable to recommend the live intensive course started on August 1, 2013, „The Next Scientific (R)evolution Intensive“ exploring the scientific paradigm shift and its impact on just about everything.

In the Introduction to the course we read:

„Are you ready to have your paradigm of reality expanded and your mind blown wide open?

Get ready for the intellectual and spiritual adventure of a lifetime as 15 of today’s top pioneers venture into the unknown with you, exploring what the new scientific paradigm looks like and how it will reshape all of our lives.“

The Open Science Academy is online now

Please join us and enjoy the new knowledge!

The newest observational confirmation for the Naturics hypothesis
A huge impact crater can be seen beneath Antarctic ice
At the end of the section „The antipodal correlation“ (in „Naturics“-point of the main menu), I have written:

„A quite similar antipodal correlation can be observed on the Earth`surface, as I have documented in the Naturics books. For example, the Siberian Trapps are 258 Mln years old and they are connected with a corresponding impact in Antarctica (probably in Ross Sea or Weddel Sea).“

One of the still overseen features of the Antarctica mountains formation is the strong evidence of the rest of the impact crater that has been formed 259.5 million years ago.

Two months ago NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center has announced the new results of NASA's IceBridge Mission Contributes to New Map of Antarctica. A new dataset called Bedmap2 gives a clearer picture of Antarctica from the ice surface down to the bedrock below.

For the new pictures of the Antarctic surface with and without ice see here.

Das Wort zu Pfingsten 2013

The five Dimensions of Education - Osho
There is no need to say anything more to these words.
Just read and contemplate it.

The last question of physics can be answered now.
How can we create our Universe?
For the past four decades of my work as physicist I was convinced that it is impossible to reach the last question of physics during a single human life. Now, after I have really reached exactly this point I know that it is a great feeling indeed to have achieved what one has set out to do in one's life.

The axioms of the Unified Physics have been simplified and generalized since their first formulation (in years 1990-1992) and the final question of physics:

How can we create our Universe?

can be precisely answered now.

(For the details see the menu-category Unified Physics here above).

Fortunately the unified time does not flow infinitely, it circulates. Therefore the achievement of the last question is not the end of physics but just the end of the present cycle of science. We are ready now to use our global consciousness and to begin to ask the Nature again. I am sure, our description of Nature will never end.

Ervin Laszlo Center for Advanced StudyLet's enter the new conscious world,

let's learn the new akasha thinking,

let's apply the new unified physics.


Listen also to the recent announcement in 2012 by Ervin Laszlo

The russian meteorite – No reason for panic!This meteorite is surely not the last one in our times. It is just a remainder of our increasing risk to live in our Solar System. The 3.5 Mld-year period of our cosmic home is coming to its end in about 80 million years, as has been shown in the following diagram.

(for a full-size diagram click here)

Why should we continue to ask the scientific questions?
Is it a matter of science or philosophy?A Chinese proverb said: „If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people."

In the Vision of the Center for Advanced Study of the Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University we read:

„… According to Gregory Bateson, and for Heraclitus, the alchemists, Blake, Lamarck and Butler, scientific research emerges from our curiosity about the nature of humankind and our desire to construct a complete image of our place in the Universe. In this image both the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of consciousness arise through art and spirituality. The reward of this difficult intellectual task is not power, but beauty.“

And theoretical physicist Lawrence M Krauss said (in discussion with philosopher Julian Baggini):

„... I continue to be surprised by the progress that is possible by continuing to ask questions of nature and let her answer through experiment. … The mysteries are what make life worth living and I would be sad if the day comes when we can no longer find answerable questions that have yet to be answered, and puzzles that can be solved. “

And what are your the most important scientific questions?
What do you want to learn about? (please answer here)

Und weil es so schön ist, hier nochmals das obige Zitat der Aussage des theoretischen Physikers, Lawrence Krauss:

„Ich bin immer noch überrascht von dem Fortschritt, der möglich ist, wenn man immer weitere Fragen an die Natur stellt und sie durch Experiment antworten lässt. … Die Mysterien sind das, was das Leben lebenswert macht und ich wäre traurig, wenn einmal der Tag käme, an dem wir keine weiteren beantwortbaren Fragen finden können und keine Rätsel, die gelöst werden können.“

Und was sind Ihre wichtigsten Fragen an die Natur? (bitte hier antworten)

A poniewaz to takie piekne, to tu jeszcze raz ten powyzszy cytat wypowiedzi fizyka-teoretyka Lawrenca Kraussa:
„Nie przestaje mnie zadziwiac ten postep, ktory jest mozliwy przez kontynuacje zadawania pytan Naturze i pozwolenie jej na udzielanie odpowiedzi w eksperymencie. … Te tajemnice sa tym co czyni zycie wartym przezycia i ja bylbym smutnym, gdyby nadszedl taki dzien, kiedy juz nie moglibysmy znalezc pytan, na ktore musimy jeszcze otrzymac odpowiedz i zagadek, ktore moga byc rozwiazane.“

A jakie sa Wasze najwazniejsze pytania do Natury? (prosze tutaj odpowiedziec)

When the facts become clear, our choices become obvious
Let's consider again at the beginning of 2013 the words by Gregg Braden from his article :

"Deep Wisdom: The Marriage of Science and Spirituality"


Developing a new level of thinking is precisely what we need to do today, and the magnitude of crises that face us may prove to be the catalyst for doing just that! The emerging bridge between the sciences that tell us how the universe works, and the spiritual traditions that give such knowledge meaning in our lives, plays a vital role in the new thinking that heads off the darkest possibilities of our future. But while the crises of the moment may be the catalyst for such a shift in thinking, something even deeper is emerging.


While the specifics of spiritual principles may vary from tradition to tradition, the essence of their message does not. It’s simple, direct and states that we live in a world where everything has meaning, and is meaningful to everything else. What happens in the oceans has meaning for the climate of the mountains. What happens in a river has meaning for the life that depends upon the river. The choices that you and I make as we express our beliefs in our living rooms and around family dinner tables have meaning for the people in our immediate lives, as well as for those connected through the coherence fields of the human heart living halfway around the Earth.

The greatest structure of the Universe
has been found by astrophysicists.An international team of astrophysicists has found the largest known structure in the Universe. A very large quasar group has been observed as a spatial characteristic of this huge structure. Its dimension has been estimated to be about 4 billion lihgtyears long.

However, it is a long expected discovery from the Naturics-point of view. The discovered structure is the energy-bridge of level 9 of the Cosmic Hierarchy of our Solar System. Its theoretical length is 3584.6 million lightyears. All lower members of this hierarchy rotate (hierarchically ordered) around a common center of mass of this highest hitherto observed level. This common center of rotation is located exactly in that huge distance of 3.5 mld lightyears from our Solar System, hidden almost exactly behind the so-called "center of the Milky Way".

(For more information about the new observation click here).

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