December 2012 – the End of the story about our Milky-Way Galaxy

Note: For the actualized 2015 order of the Cosmic Hierarchy compare the Special page 40 on this website.

A pale band of light easily visible across the night sky has been called by Romans the via lactea — the Milky Way. Since 1920s astronomers have supposed that this band is an edge-on view of the Galaxy in which we live, and hoped that it is a „twin-sister“ of the beautiful Andromeda spiral galaxy.

However, the new observational techniques in all bands of the electromagnetic spectrum have dramatically changed the scientific look at „our Galaxy“ in the last two decades. The emerging picture of the Milky Way reveals that the Milky Way lives in a state of turbulent complexity. Astronomers are still struggling to assimilate the new information. The disagreements, uncertainties and unanswered questions arise especially often when it comes to the details. (For German version see here.)

For example, the Milky Way turns gas into stars at the rate of a few solar masses every year, a pace that should have used up all the available gas during the past several milliard years. But the Milky way is forming stars with even increasing intensity in the recent millions years. Where is all the gas coming from? And why is it appearing with an even increasing intensity just now?

The search for the most probable answer to these two (and some similar) questions forced the newest „quantum jump“ in my understanding of the sky above my head. I have found the answer more than twenty years ago. But not until recently I have truly realized, what the new knowledge really mean. The shortest summary of this new point of view is following.

The Cosmic Hierarchy of our Solar System extends over ten actually observable levels, from 0th to 9th, as discussed on this blog and summarized in the following table. As we can see, the assignment of some specific cosmic objects to the levels of the Cosmic Hierarchy has changed during the recent time, in accordance with the new observational discoveries of the modern astrophysics. What is not listed in the table, also some energy-bridges connecting the centres of the individual levels to each other have been analyzed more exactly with the new techniques. The best example known to me is the energy-bridge of the level 5, the Magellanic Stream, connecting the Large Magellanic Cloud with the Andromeda galaxy. The Magellanic Stream is only a part of the whole connection system visualized for example on the NASA image of the recent full sky investigation.

One helpful tool belonging to my unified description of Nature is the Cosmic-Time Clock as shown in this picture. If a „hand“ of this clock corresponding to some Hierarchy level points almost directly to some full „hour“ of this level (shortly before the full „hour“) than we are looking from the Earth (as a part of the Solar System, one of the smallest objects of our Cosmic Hierarchy) almost along the corresponding energy bridge, coming more and more parallel to our view-direction. On the other side, shortly after a full „hour“ of a given level we can see almost the completely open „panorama“ of the corresponding energy-bridge.

Therefore, while looking at the cosmic clock we can immediately know that we can best observe the energy bridges of level 5 (the Magellanic Stream) and level 6 (between Andromeda galaxy and the Virgo cluster of galaxies), but also that of level 3 between the Orion Association and the Omega Centauri Globular Cluster of stars (if this is really the proper object of level 4 of our Cosmic Hierarchy). On the other side, we understand quite well, why we can only see a very short view on the connection of level 7 (between Virgo cluster and the Great Attractor) and almost nothing along the connection of level 8. But exactly the last one is the mightiest one, and therefore also its cross view presents this imposing picture on the sky hitherto interpreted as the „bulge“ of the supposed Milky-Way „galaxy“.

More explanations concerning this discovery and the way leading from the Unified Physics to it has been collected in my newest e-book „No Evolution without Revolution“ (currently ready in a pdf-file form, suitable for study with computer or for public presentations). I am considering now a possibility to make it available worldwide as soon as possible.

If you are interested in buying the publication rights for this book (but not for the included knowledge or diagrams and pictures), please contact me directly.

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