Think Naturics; an impressive example

Einstein's intuition misled him in his most famous equation

„Imagination is more important than knowledge“ (In German: „Phantasie ist wichtiger als Wissen“). This is one of the most popular quotes from Albert Einstein that gives us some insight into his mind. However, not the above short quote alone is important, but also the wider context, why he had said something like this. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Particularly in our case, when we are breaking the old paradigm in the fundamental physics, some unlimited imagination is very helpful in finding the currently best possible new paradigm ordering our basic physical knowledge along some new direction. A powerful imagination is important, because it presents us all possible new directions. However, where should we begin, where should we anchor our new paradigm? Einstein gave us one another advice also for that question. He said: „The only real valuable thing is intuition.“(In German: „Alles, was wirklich zählt, ist Intuition!“).

Unfortunately, I have developed my Unified Physics without those advices by Einstein. Therefore, it lasted more than twenty years, until I have finally understood, what Einstein's advices really mean. We have to begin with the most important equation supporting the old paradigm. And it is exactly the most famous equation of the traditional physics, the Einstein's equation: E = mc2. It is not just irony of fate, but probably also the reason for the weakness of the traditional physics, that exactly in his most important equation Einstein's intuition misled him to the conclusion that mass could be equivalent to energy. Einstein concluded this because his intuition led him assumed that the speed of light could be an absolute constant of Nature, constant in space and time, always and everywhere. Thus the only remaining two physical quantities in his equation, the energy and mass have to be equivalent to each other. And at the latest after Hiroshima nobody had doubted that this supposition could be false.

However, Naturics (more exactly the Unified Family of the Unified Physics) teaches us that the speed of light, c, is not a constant value, but a regular physical quantity, depending on the state of the material transferring, absorbing or emitting the light. And c2 is another physical quantity, equivalent to radiation intensity or to heat flow. Therefore, in Naturics equation W = mc2 (where W is our symbol for energy) the mass m is just a proportionality factor between energy and heat flow, or between energy and the radiation intensity. Furthermore, we can read out from our Unified Family, for example, also the corresponding electrodynamical equation, Phi_E = qc2, meaning that the electric charge is just a proportionality factor between the electric-field flux; Phi_E, and the radiation intensity or the heat flow, c2.

The Unified Family delivers all possible equations containing the quantity c2. We have to use our imagination in order to understand what does every of these equations mean.

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