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The Milky-Way-Story „light-version“
(for amateur physicists)

Let us imagine we are an astronaut training for our first flight. We are training in a centrifuge, a machine which whirls us round in a cabin at the end of a long arm and simulates the feeling at lift off. In technical language, such a centrifuge means a “dynamic flight simulator,” capable of accurately reproducing the sensations experienced by pilots in various flight maneuvers.
(If you need some more information, click here for the history or a video).

We are not considering some special physical „forces“ now, but we are just comparing our cosmic home, our cosmic stellar system, with the gondola fixed on the far end of the centrifuge arm spinning about the center of the centrifuge located at the other end of this connecting arm. Let us note for a comparison purpose that in our previous Cosmic-Hierarchy view we call this centrifugal connecting arm as the energy bridge of level 9. It means that it connects our „gondola“ of level 8 with its center of rotation of the level 9. The length of this connection arm (energy bridge) is 3584 Mly.

Now imagine that we are not as big like an astronaut-in-training but just as small as a virus sitting somewhere on the wall inside the gondola; the gondola of the level 8 is 295 Mly large across. Even if the gondola is completely transparent, we cannot see the mighty (level 9) center of the centrifuge. It is because we are looking almost parallelly along the long connecting arm holding our „gondola“ in the rotation around this center. What we are seeing outside our „local cosmic home“ as the brightest collection of stars and cosmic clouds, and what we have used to call erroneously as Milky-Way galaxy, is just the cross section of the connecting arm of our cosmic centrifuge.


21 December 2012 – instead of the End of our World – the End of our Milky-Way Galaxy

The Milky Way is not our home Galaxy. It is not a galaxy at all. What appears to us as a galaxy being seen in the edge-on view on the night sky is in reality a cross-section view on the huge energy-bridge connecting the Great Attractor with the „Super-Great Attractor“, the most massive assembly of the clusters of galaxies existing in our (observable) Universe, still waiting for its discoverer. The recently discovered Sloan Great Wall is only the nearest to us part of the 3.5 milliard lightyears long energetic connection between the Great Attractor and the „Super-Great Attractor“, hidden for our telescopes at the far end of the energy-bridge. We are looking at the other end of this bridge and rushing towards its center with the speed of above 2000 km/s.

Now, load down a picture of the Milky Way (like this one or the other one), and imagine now yourself staying on the command place of a spacecraft and looking towards the stars outside. What is your feeling, if you realize that you are flying towards these stars with such an imposing velocity? I feel myself fascinated with this imagination.

For more information read here.


Wissen, Wahrheit, Status und Rechthaben

das sind nur einige der Themen des faszinierenden Buches:
„Der biologische Mensch; Ein langer Essay zu Inividuum, Gesellschaft und Umwelt im Licht der Evolution“ von Dr. Terje Bongard und Prof. Dr. Eivin Røskaft;
(Exposé/XXL-Leseprobe; Übersetzt von Markus Maria Sorge).

Hier nur einige der wichtigsten Thesen der Authoren:

  • Der Mensch lebt in der Wirklichkeit und ist selbst ein Teil des Stoffwechsels und des globalen Ökosystems. Keine Meinung und keine kulturelle Idee werden dieses Faktum zum Verschwinden bringen.
  • Es sind die Spikes im Gehirn, die das Besondere des Menschen ausmachen. ... denn es ist nicht nötig, genial zu sein, wenn man von Mittelmass umgeben ist.
  • Der Mensch hat viele Alarmglocken, die läuten, bevor es notwendig ist, und die die Geschichte von den Besorgten erzählen, die unsere Urvorfahren wurden. Die Sorglosen frass der Eisbär.
  • Die Geschichte zeigt, dass der Mensch nie an etwas gespart hat. ... Angeborene Verhaltensmuster steuern, welche Strategien in kleinen und grossen Gruppen entstehen können. … Egoismus ist nur eine von vielen angeborenen Eigenschaften, welche die Gleise der Kulturen legen. ... Es sind Gefühle, die den Menschen dazu treiben.
  • Gesellschaften zu verstehen ist der erste Schritt in Richtung nachhaltiger Nutzung der Ressourcen und der Wirtschaft.
  • Recht zu haben gibt Status, und dem, der etwas Neues versucht, wird daher entgegengearbeitet.
  • Übersicht, langfristiges Denken, Steuerung und Planung sind jetzt nötig. Die Weltwirtschaft hat keine eingebauten Lösungen für globale Probleme.
  • Weil der Mensch in seinen Selektionsprozessen keine Grenzen erfahren hat, weder in Bezug auf Areal oder Ressourcen, gibt es die Sorge um Überverbrauch im grossen Stil nicht im evolvierten Gefühlsregister. Dem Menschen fehlt somit ein wichtiges Gefühl, das in Afrika nicht nötig war.
  • Die Erkenntnis, dass Geld Selbstbetrug ist, und dass es unsere evolvierten Gefühle sind, die uns zu diesem Selbstbetrug verleiten, ist eine Voraussetzung dafür, für Demokratie, Produktion und Nachhaltigkeit nach anderen Lösungen zu suchen.

Mehr zu dem Buch. (According to Prof. Røskaft, an English translation should be ready in few months).


A new kind of thinking - Akasha thinking

There is something new on the horizon — a new kind of thinking. One that could solve the problem — the entire complex conglomeration of challenges that makes our world unsustainable, intolerant, and prone to violence. This is not thinking out of the blue: It is thinking that has been around for thousands of years. What is new is that it’s rediscovered — of all things, at the cutting edge of the sciences. It is “Akasha think”.

Read more to Akasha paradigm.


Einstein's stumbling block discovered!

Einstein's deepest dream was to unify all the physical description of Nature. However, he failed to realize his dream until his death in 1955. The standard explanation of his misfortune is that he was not able to unify his General Relativity Theory with Quantum Mechanics (of Bohr, Schroedinger and others).

I have understood now, that the really dangerous stumbling block, over which Einstein has stumbled in his considerations, met him already much earlier, when he was just 16.

For more information read here.

Footnote: Should the Committee in Stockholm decided to award this discovery as the discovery of the year 2012, please to award the Giordano Bruno University activating such a new thinking.


Einstein's intuition misled him in his most famous equation

„Imagination is more important than knowledge“ (In German: „Phantasie ist wichtiger als Wissen“). This is one of the most popular quotes from Albert Einstein that gives us some insight into his mind. However, not the above short quote alone is important, but also the wider context, why he had said something like this. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Particularly in the Unified Physics, when we are breaking the old paradigm of the fundamental physics, some unlimited imagination is very helpful in finding the currently best possible new paradigm ordering our basic physical knowledge along some new direction. A powerful imagination is important, because it presents us all possible new directions. However, where should we begin, where should we anchor our new paradigm? Einstein gave us one another advice also for that question. He said: „The only real valuable thing is intuition.“(In German: „Alles, was wirklich zählt, ist Intuition!“).

Unfortunately, I have developed my Unified Physics without those advices by Einstein. Therefore, it lasted more than twenty years, until I have finally understood, what Einstein's advices really mean. We have to begin with the most important equation supporting the old paradigm. And it is exactly the most famous equation of the traditional physics, the Einstein's equation: E = mc2. It is not just irony of fate, but probably also the reason for the weakness of the traditional physics, that exactly in his most important equation Einstein's intuition misled him to the conclusion that mass could be equivalent to energy. Einstein concluded this because his intuition led him assumed that the speed of light could be an absolute constant of Nature, constant in space and time, always and everywhere.

Why? Read more


Naturics congratulations to the Norwegian Nobel Committee
for its decision to award the European Union (EU) with the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012. It was a really wise decision, a perfect positive sign for the year 2012, the year of the globally expected change towards a better world for all of us.

(The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by a committee of five persons who are chosen by the Norwegian Storting (Parliament of Norway), Oslo, Norway.)

And of course, Naturics greetings to the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, the European Union. As formulated by the Nobel Committee: The European Union and its forerunners have for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.


Hilfe, mein Kind will Physik studieren!

Laut KarriereTrends etwa 2,4% der jungen Männer, die studieren wollen, entscheiden sich für Physik. Die jungen Frauen sind da viel vorsichtiger. Es sind trotzdem jedes Jahr etwa 30000 junge Menschen, die ihr Leben für Physik opfern wollen. Wenn Sie einen von ihnen in Ihrer Familie oder Bekanntenkreis haben, opfern Sie bitte aus rein humanitären Gründen die 19,90 € und kaufen dem jungen Menschen das neue Buch von Alexander Unzicker “Auf dem Holzweg durchs Universum; Warum sich die Physik verlaufen hat“. Kein junger Mensch sollte später sagen müssen: „Ich habe es nicht gewusst!“, oder „Ich habe es mir ganz anders vorgestellt!“Ich rate keinem von dem Studium ab, aber es wird sicherlich noch eine oder mehrere Generationen frustrierte Physiker geben, bis unsere „moderne“ Physik wieder das hohe Niveau von „damals“, aus den Zeiten der „denkenden Giganten“, erreichen wird.

Und noch zwei der zahlreichen Zitate, abgeschrieben aus dem Buch von Unzicker:

„Wenn in diesem Buch harte Worte über die größten intellektuellen Führer der Menschheit ausgesprochen werden, ist es nicht meine Absicht, diese herabzusetzen. Aber Wissenschaft ist eine der wenigen menschlichen Aktivitäten, vielleicht die einzige, in der Irrtümer systematisch kritisiert und manchmal rechtzeitig korrigiert werden.“ - Karl Popper

„Neue wissenschaftliche Ideen entspringen nie aus einer wie auch immer organisierten Körperschaft, sondern aus dem Kopf eines einzelnen Forschers.“ - Max Planck


„planet-wissen“ verbreitet Unwissen und müsste für Schulkinder verboten werden

Gestern gab es die Sendung der Redaktion „planet-wissen“ zum Thema „Blick ins All – Die Rätsel des Universums“.Es sollte besprochen werden:

Viel ist passiert, seit Kepler und Galileo vor gut 400 Jahren mit einfachen Teleskopen die moderne Astronomie begründeten. Seitdem haben wir viel Neues über das Universum erfahren. Aber mit jeder Entdeckung tauchen auch neue Fragen auf. Dunkle Materie, dunkle Energie oder schwarze Löcher - das Universum ist und bleibt ein geheimnisvoller und rätselhafter Ort.

Leider auch diese Sendung wurde wieder Mal, trotz der großen Anstrengung der beiden wunderbaren Moderatoren zum didaktischen Disaster. So viel Unsinn in so kurzer Zeit wird selten vermittelt. Welchen dauerhaften Schaden solch eine Sendung in den Köpfen der Zuschauer anrichten kann, kann man nur schwer abschätzen. ... Mehr dazu.


The future of our young generation will be decided just now!

We older have to help them to do their job correctly!


Our first global civilization is becoming a home for all of us!

Do you like this fascinating message?

I do!

You don't know, who is Edgar Mitchell? Read here.


Where is life to be found on Mars?

We can be sure, the elementary life does exist on Mars, like in many other places of our Solar System. Our two main problems are: how it looks like and where we have to look for it?Naturics gives the best available answers to these questions.


Happy Birthday Voyager!

On August 20th and September 5th was the 35th anniversary of the launch of Voyager 2 and 1, respecrtively. After 35 years the Voyager Mission still remains for myself the most successful peaceful operation of the human race of all times. The most impressive result of this mission is the Carl Sagan's photo of the Earth made by means of the Voyager camera. He named it "Pale Blue Dot". His Vision of our all future is also very impressive.

However, it is my obligation to note that the actual interpretation of the Voyager data is not quite correct (for more read here).


The time of Naturics is coming

„New Horizons“is NASA's Mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt

If we just ask, where is New Horizons today, the answer is:

New Horizons distance from Earth is today 23.13 AU , that is 73% of its way. The remaining distance from Pluto is now 8.52 AU. (see here) (One AU is the average distance between the Sun and Earth, about 149.6 million kilometers.)

However, much more intriguing is the another message of the mission team. NASA's astronomers report the discovery of a fifth moon orbiting Pluto. The team is intrigued that such a small planet can have such a complex collection of satellites.

"The discovery of so many small moons indirectly tells us that there must be lots of small particles lurking unseen in the Pluto system," said Harold Weaver of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md. (see here).

Naturics point of view tells us for about twenty years now that the space around Pluto has to be full of cosmic objects, with the total mass larger than the mass of Jupiter. Moving past the dwarf planet at a planned speed of 30,000 miles per hour, New Horizons could be destroyed in a collision with even a small piece of orbital debris. Thus it would be important to try to slow down the spacecraft speed, before it will be destroyed.


Good luck for Curiosity-Mission !

Watch the pictures gallery of the Curiosity Mission. It is certainly more interesting than most of the TV movies in our daily programs.

The questions to be answered by the mission have been already asked during the development of the Cosmic-Hierarchy idea of Naturics. Let us see how far the Curiosity answers will confirm this idea.


A question not only of genes

Yesterday the european tv "arte" send a program "A Question of Genes". The 73 minutes video presents the opinions of many international scientists to the general topic of the human origin from Africa.

Die Molekularbiologen Stephan Schuster und Bernard Jordan, Paläoanthropologen Pascal Picq, Yves Coppens und Jean-Jacques Hublin, die Genetiker Axel Kahn, Mark Stoneking, Evelyne Heyer, Lluis Quintana-Murci und Andre Langaney erzählen die faszinierende Geschichte der Eroberung der Erde durch den Homo sapiens, seiner unglaublichen Anpassungsfähigkeit und der daraus resultierenden Vielfalt. Die Dokumentation begleitet ein Forscherteam zu den Khoisan in Namibia, um DNA-Proben zu entnehmen. Die Untersuchung ergibt, dass diese "Buschmänner" direkte Nachkommen der ersten Menschen auf dem afrikanischen Kontinent sind und dass sie über die Jahrtausende hinweg im Unterschied zur übrigen Weltbevölkerung den großen genetischen Reichtum der ersten Menschen bewahrt haben.

However, what makes the presentation of the story truly "non-scientific", and therefore very difficult to follow and to accept the conclusions, is the total misuse of the very definitions of the fundamental subdivisions of the genealogical hierarchy of the evolution of organisms, namely a species and a genus.

Read more about a necessary correction of this misuse.


Buchautorin gesucht

Eine Buchautorin für ein gemeinsames Schreiben meines nächsten Buches unter dem (Arbeits)Titel: „Mein Ur-Opa, der letzte Neanderthaler“
wird gesucht.

Mehr dazu ....


Bleiben wir doch bei den Tatsachen

Was zu der CERN-Higgs-Boson-Pressekonferenz meint Martinus Veltman, der niederländische Physiker, der 1999 zusammen mit seinem früheren Studenten Gerardus 't Hooft mit dem Nobelpreis "für ihre entscheidenden, die Quantenstruktur betreffenden Beiträge zur Theorie der elektroschwachen Wechselwirkung in der Physik" ausgezeichnet wurde:

„Im Grunde sind solche Veranstaltungen einfach Egotrips. In Wirklichkeit ist das alles nicht wichtig. Ich könnte mir nicht vorstellen, bei der Forschung auf so etwas zu achten – ich suche doch meine Themen nicht danach aus, ob ich damit in die Zeitung komme. Es ist überhaupt nicht wichtig, wer da wofür Öffentlichkeit bekommt. Die Physik schreitet voran und wird über all das hinweggehen.“

Ich habe dazu nichts mehr zu sagen.


The newest thesis of Naturics: We all are the grand-grandchildren of the last Neanderthals

Also the answers to such questions like:

If Modern Humans Are So Smart, Why Are Our Brains Shrinking?


Did an asteroid destroy Atlantis?

can be found here.


Naturics supports the physical foundation of the Akasha paradigm

The newest book by Ervin Laszlo

The Akasha Paradigm in Science: (R)Evolution at the Cutting Edge,

including Annex I by Peter Jakubowski,

is available now in your bookshop.

For more information read here.


Sir Roger Penrose's "Shadows of the Mind" commented by Peter Jakubowski

Section 4.3 Consciousness: new physics or 'emergent phenomenon'?

We must therefore ask two things. First, why is it that the phenomenon of consciousness appears to occur, as far as we know, onlyin (or in relation to) brains – although we should not rule out the possibility that consciousness might be present also in other appropriate physical systems? Second, we must ask how could it be that such a seemingly important (putative) ingredient as non-computational behaviour, presumed to be inherent – potentially, at least – in the actions of all material things, so far has entirely escaped the notice of physicists?

P.J.: To the first question: Because only the brain level of the Quantum Spectrum of Matter is able to „contact“ the next higher level of superbrain, where the 'awareness' and 'consciousness' can be realized. To the second question: Here, we have a unique possibility to observe directly how long the present comment will have to wait for any „notice of physicists“ (Sir Roger Penrose inclusive).

For more comments read here.


The newest comment to the global consciousness by Dr. Ervin Laszlo

is available now on his Website.

It takes just a few minutes to read it, but it brings you quite a long step towards the next level of our own evolution.


Transit of Venus? A misunderstanding!

On 6th June 2012 we are crossing (with our wonderful planet) the point K of the Earth's orbit (compare the third diagram on our "earthquakes-page"), the point of our closest distance to Venus. An increased probability for a strong earthquake in the following two monthsis one of the direct consequences ot this crossing. The apparent transit of Venus across the Sun's "face" is the second such consequence (for information in German see here).

However, the common interpretation of this event is a colossal misunderstanding. It is not the Venus making a transit across the solar "face"! It is the Sun "dancing" behind the global center of mass of the whole Solar System. The Venus has been only formed exactly in that point more than 7 Mld years ago.

(For more information read the remaining pages of this blog.)


Hello World!

Tomorrow, on 8th May 2012, is the 104th anniversary of the beginning of our first global civilization on our wonderful, blue planet.

Let us make this day an extraordinarily positive day in our life. For example, let us learn something more about ourselves, as proposed in some further points of our main menu here above.


The Official Newsletter of the Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University

is available now. Additionally please listen to the highly interesting „Message to the World“ by Dr. Ervin Laszlo.

For more practical information consult the FAQ-page.


Finally something interesting again in 3sat-nano

Endlich wieder was Interessantes bei "nano" (auf 3sat)

nano spezial vom 17. April 2012:Physik vor dem Kollaps

Die Wissenschaft steht im Dunkeln: Irgendetwas stimmt nicht mit unserem Grundverständnis des Kosmos: Die fundamentalen Theorien der Physik, Quantenphysik und Kosmologie, passen nicht zusammen.

Naturics gives the answers to all these questions!


In order to better understand the energy therapy

Set books for all energy therapists.

Pflichtlektüre für alle Energiemediziner und Naturheiler.


A new book by Dr. Ervin Laszlo, entitled:

"New Science for a New World; The Rise of The Akasha Paradigm"

is expected to be out in early 2013. Already now is available an i-book, which is a "precursor" of the main book - a popular attention-getting book.

The Unified Physics gives the scientific, conceptual and calculational support for the new paradigm.


Should NASA´s newest video cause surprise or move us to tears?

GRAIL Mission Returns First Video of Moon's Far Side

(NASA's GRAIL-Mission has beamed back its first video of the Far Side of the Moon. It was taken on Jan. 19, 2012 by the MoonKAM aboard the mission's 'Ebb' spacecraft.)I'm in no laughing mood indeed. This message makes me very thoughtful. We are discussing a manned Mars-Mission, we are hoping to be able to change the global climate, we are considering a possibility of time travels and many still more fantastic ideas. But simultaneously we are seeing just now the first video of the far side of the Moon. How ready are we really for the future of our first global civilization? How ready are we really for the science of the 21st century?NASA has recently presented the Big Questions of Science.

For a short version of the Big Questions read here.


A wonderful video by Christian Mülhauser: "Aurora 2012".

Several hours of the cosmic-energy transfer impressively visualised in five minutes.

Very nice job Christian!


How come nanoviroids into our body?

A simple joining of two hitherto separate investigations could be surprisingly favourable for our understanding of the origin of live.


To trail the origin of life!

Dem Ursprung des Lebens auf der heißen Spur!

Nanoparticles and biomineralization in human body

Nanopartikel und Biomineralisation im Menschen (NBM)

A report of the free work-team at the Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany)
under the coordination by Dr. Christian Humburg:
Ein Bericht der freien Arbeitsgruppe an der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz unter der Koordination von Dr. Christian Humburg:

NBM Ergebnisse. Hier zum download (PDF; 19.8 MB)

Some of the most important ideas, conclusions and pictures from that report can be seen here.

Einige der wichtigsten Gedanken, Schlußfolgerungen und Bilder aus diesem einmaligen Bericht kann man finden direkt hier.


The newest scientific discovery of Naturics:

The next step towards our understanding of the origin of life!;

together with two strong arguments confirming the idea of the living tropopause:

The strongest earthquakes prediction;

and The mystery of the Indian red rain.


Goirdano Bruno GlobalShift University is open now, maybe also for you!

Please see some short videos, what the first course is about:

1) 2012, Know the World, Know Yourself, Change the World
2) Go for the Origin
3) Know the World, Know Yourself
4) Are you ready for 2012?


Kirsten Pape im Gespräch mit Ervin Laszlo

WDR 5 Tischgespräch

Die Sendung vom Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012 21:00

Die Ideen und Aktivitäten von Ervin Laszlo, Zukunftsforscher, live! (auf Deutsch)


The discovery of the year 2011! - Tropopause is a living shield protecting the life on the Earth.

Read more here

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