The atmospheric shield of life

The atmospheric shield of life

The unified quantum interpretation of the electromagnetic spectrum of radiation (based on the Unified Physics) identifies the tropopause as the most probable place for the origin of the terrestrial life.

The traditional point of view upon the electromagnetic spectrum tries to unify the quantum frequency of the radiation with the vacuum wavelength of the corresponding waves and with the Boltzmann temperature of the radiation. However, neither the "traditional" sizes nor the "traditional" temperatures of the radiating quanta do really correspond with the quantum radiation frequencies. Against the suggestion of the above diagram, no known quanta of matter with a size of about 20-60 µm can be identified in the terrestrial atmosphere radiating the electromagnetic waves with a frequency of the order of 10 THz and having their temperature between 1200 K and 400 K.
traditional atmospheric transparency
Similarly, no quanta of matter with a size of about 20-400 µm can be identified in the terrestrial atmosphere absorbing the electromagnetic waves with a frequency between 10 THz and 1 THz and having their temperature between 1200 K and 60 K, located traditionally between the both transparency windows in the diagram above.

The above traditional definition of the electromagnetic spectrum produces the so-called vacuum version of this spectrum, because it uses the vacuum-speed of light as the constant coefficient for the whole range of the discussed frequencies. Therefore this version of the spectrum gives a realistic description of the corresponding relations in a single state only, namely in the vacuum. The Earth`s atmosphere is surely not a vacuum however, thus the above traditional description is useless for any general purpose.

On the other side, it is quite naturally, that the Quantum Spectrum of Matter, as defined in the Unified Physics here (compare the main menu), describes the same electromagnetic spectrum in a realistic manner for all discussed frequencies, as can be seen on the "triple-quantum" scale below the next figure.
Quantum electromagnetic spectrum in Solar System
The universal quantum temperature of 244.4 K (-28.8°C) is exactly the middle temperature of the tropopause, the boundary layer of the Earth`s atmosphere between the troposphere and the stratosphere. The universal quantum field (in the Unified Physics called the Field of Light) is the continuous origin of the inanimate as well as the animated matter. The largest quanta of the inanimate matter (with size of 1-5 nm) and the smallest quanta of the animated matter appear directly as the quantized fluctuations of this universal quantum field. The smallest quanta of the animated matter have the sizes between 5 nm and 20 nm. Their corresponding characteristic quantum frequencies lie between 5 THz and 0.3 THz, and their characteristic quantum temperature lies between 244 K and 60 K, respectively.

This means that the terrestrial tropopause is the first place, where we have to suppose the origin of the terrestrial life. These smallest quanta of the animated matter, the nanoparticles of life (which I propose to call nanoviroids, or maybe just nanoviruses) have the shape of a torus with some to plate compressed, elliptical cross-section, similar to the red blood-cells. However, the nanoviroids are much too primitive for to have any own DNA or RNA in that form as we know it today. The nanoviroids are just the first step towards the higher developed forms of life. Together with the cosmic "wind" blowing mainly from outside of the Solar System they can reach the Earth`s surface and start the process of the higher life development, according to the local and actual physical conditions there.

How can we know that the nanoviroids should be present in the tropopause? One of the most direct answers can be reach by a consideration of the atmospheric transparency for the quantum electromagnetic radiation, as shown in the figure below.
The quantum atmospheric transparency
The region between the two traditionally named transparency windows (the optical window and the radio window) correspond exactly with the previously identified area of the nanoviroids, with dimensions between a few nanometer and 10-20 nm. This means that the main property of the tropopause should not be seen just as a transparency pause between two transparent windows ,but exactly oppositely, as the absorption-shield preserving the favourable conditions to the evolution of the higher developed life on the Earth`s surface, preventing it first of all from the harmful cosmic radiation.

In summary, we can say that the tropopause is the terrestrial living shield of life (as illustrated in the figure below).
The atmospheric shield of life

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